We are a group of Christians just seeking to follow God according to His word, the Bible. We invite you to join us in worship, Bible study, and fellowship in God's wonderful work of saving souls. Check out the calendar for upcoming events and studies. We look forward to seeing you if ever you are in the Salem area.

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April 2020

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Worship Service for Sunday April 5, 2020

The following is a link to our Worship service for April 5, 2020 found on Youtube.com.




Video Instructions:

Begin the video at 9:50 AM and pause the video as soon as you see Chris appear. At 10:00 AM, unpause the video and join in with the worship experience knowing that everyone else is also joining in with the worship experience with you. 

Daily Bible Reading Plans

Now is a good time to make plans to read your bible! Click the image above to find bible reading plan PDF's to help you stick to your New Year Resolution to read throught the bible

Current Bible Studies

Auditorium: Sundays 10 am (CANCELLED INDEFINITELY)

Class:  1 Peter

Teacher: Dale Brummitt

Auditorium: Sundays 5:30 pm (CANCELLED INDEFINITELY) 

Sermons: Various Formats (Song Service, Prayer Service, Scripture Reading)

Auditorium: Wednesdays 7 pm (CANCELLED INDEFINITELY)

Class: The Psalms

Teacher: Chris Huntley